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: Rising to the digital content challenge. It's becoming increasingly difficult to develop truly unique digital content these days. This is where the Webpublication flip book really comes in handy. With this online brochure generator at your disposal, there's no excuse for insipid catalogues or boring magazine content. On top of its ease-of-use, the extensive suite of operational features available will be much appreciated by all your users. These include everything from search and bookmark features to handy thumbnails. But if you really want to grab your readers' attention, take the rich media approach. You'll even be able to display your interactive pdf on ipad and enjoy rich media such as video, flash animation and sound on the move! Another advantage of this type of digital content is the number of options you have for sharing it - you can use a website, social media, DVD or USB stick. You can even protect your corporate identity by means of logos, customised icons and colours!

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