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Riley snooker tables

: Get yourself in the frame for some serious snooker - see what Riley has to offer! It may be seen as the quintessential sport of the television age, but in reality, the invention of snooker dates back to the latter part of the Victorian era. If you're after a slice of the action, then there are plenty of places where you can find snooker tables for sale, including on the Riley website. However, Riley have no intention of resting on their laurels. Their focus is as much on future technological developments as on their admittedly proud past. If you were wondering where you might find a billiard table for sale, Riley also make both billiard and pool tables (http://www.riley-snooker-international.com/site/tables.php).To the untrained eye, all tables look alike, but you can actually play around a lot with different trims, pocket finishes and wood finishes.Don't forget the importance of the dimensions of the room where the table is to be located.Now you've got snooker gear worthy of a pro, let's see if you can start playing like one!

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